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Client Testimonials

" Wow, are the only words needed to express the representation that I received from the Law Office Of Jose C Rojo. His passionate approach starts at the very beginning, and doesn't deviate until your case closes. He provides low rates, with his primary focus on what he loves practicing law. This provides him the opportunity to truly reflect on your case, and insure that every client receives the best possible outcome. In my personal experience his compassion and wisdom has assisted in keeping my family at peace throughout this entire ordeal. Jose Rojo is the best option for legal representation, and if you require a real winner, he's your MAN!!! "

- Phillip W., San Diego, CA


"I would like to thank Mr. Rojo and appreciate all his hard effort in my court case.  He has believed in me and fought for me with excellent results that I am very grateful in abundance because of his dedication and belief in me.  I have a second chance of my freedom that I am thankful and grateful to him.  Thank you Mr. Rojo for all your hard work."

- Narcisco P., Indio, CA

"I experienced a bad situation with a local technical school, which involved harassment. I had to leave the school due to them not handling the situation correctly after I complained to the administration. They refused to refund my student tuition and accused me of over exaggerating. I was lost and didn't know what to do until I talked with Mr. Rojo and he helped me by contacting the school and informing them of my rights and the seriousness of the situation. Within 2 days the school gave me a full refund and I received a formal apology. People like him definitely make a difference when big companies try to take advantage of us. Thank you Mr. Rojo."
- Yessenia S., Indio, CA
"Mr. Rojo is a stand up person and reasonably priced. He presents himself in and out of the courtroom, very high sense of morals, (doing what’s right) protecting the people regardless of the high powered opposition." 
- Eugene C., San Diego, CA
"I have had the pleasure of being represented by Mr. Jose Rojo. I can assure you he is a wonderful person with an excellent work performance, due to his honesty, thoroughness and being reliable, are just some of many qualities he possesses."

- Juan M., Los Angeles, CA